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PVI Solid Wheelchair Ramps are suitable for those who prefer to leave the ramp down in place all or most of the time, they are similar to our single folding model except these don’t have any gaps or hinges and they do not fold.

  • Full platform provides excellent stability
  • High quality durable welded fabrication (see photo below)
  • Anti slip high traction surface wet or dry
  • Accommodates wheelchairs, rollators and scooters of either three or four wheels
  • One piece construction contains no gaps or hinges.
  • 50mm high edge barriers
  • Safe operating manual and safety securing pins are included
  • Available in 91.5cm,122cm and 152cm long lengths
  • Available in 76cm and 91.5cm widths
  • Weather resistant
  • Manufactured in the United States.

PVI Solid Aluminium Wheelchair Ramps

  • Model Length Width Weight
    Load Capacity
     SL330  91.5cm (3ft) 76cm (30″)   6.8 kg *360 kg  
     SL336  91.5cm (3ft) 91.5cm (36″)   8.1 kg *360 kg    
     SL430 122cm (4ft)  76cm (30″)   9 kg *360 kg    
     SL436 122cm (4ft)  91.5cm (36″)   10.4 kg *360 kg    
     SL530 152cm (5ft)  76cm (30″)   11.36 kg *360 kg    
     SL536 152cm (5ft)  91.5cm (36″)   13.6 kg  *360 kg  
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