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  • PVI Wheelchair Threshold Ramps are designed for doorways.

  • Made of aluminium with a non slip surface.
  • Available in 4 different lengths and 2 different widths.
  • Designed for doorways
  • Lightweight Aluminium
  • Anti Slip High traction surface
  • Light weight easy to handle and set up
  • Holes punched in each top corner for securing to doorway
  • Maximum ramp capacity 136kg one axel and 272kg two axels
  • Manufactured in the United States

PVI Threshold Wheelchair Ramps

  •  Item Length  Width  Recommended Threshold Height Weight Load Capacity  
     TH1032 25.4cm (10″)   81.5cm (32″)  13mm – 25mm  1.8kg  136kg per axel  
     TH1232 30.4cm (12″)  81.5cm (32″) 19mm – 38mm  2.2kg  136kg per axel  
     TH1632 40.6cm (16″)  81.5cm (32″)  38mm – 51mm  2.7kg  136kg per axel  
     TH1636 40.6cm (16″)  91.5cm (36″) 38mm – 51mm  2.8kg  136kg per axel  
     TH2432  61cm (2ft)  81.5cm (32″)  51mm – 101mm  5.4kg  136kg per axel  
     TH2436  61cm (2ft)  91.5cm (36″)  51mm – 101mm  6.8kg  136kg per axel



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