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Transfer Options

Turny Evo

The Turny Evo brings the seat completely out of the vehicle giving the occupant ample transfer space to get seated.  Once seated the Turny Evo will lift you to a safe position inside the vehicle. 

It is recommended to be used with one of our low-profile seats, so that you can optimise the head and knee room when inside the vehicle.

Turny Evo is a fully automatic, programmable swivel seat where all movements are operated by the hand held remote. This unique programmable function means that you can set the parameters of the swivelling function to optimise the amount of room generated in the vehicle, and also allows it to be installed into the driver's seating position of many vehicles.

Transfer Seat/Platform

Built from high grade aluminium and steel, the Transfer Platform is capable of carrying 120kg. You can feel secure whilst you are transferring across.


The steel fixation brackets are designed to fit discretely to the original seat rails. The unit folds compactly down and offers a profile thickness of 22mm that ensures sufficient space to close the door.


The height of the Seat Platform is adjusted when installed and the universal design works with both left and right-side fitment to the vehicle. A simple and effective solution for vehicle transfers.

6 way.jpg
6 Way Seat

The 6-way base is a swivel seat system that enables an easy transfer from the wheelchair into a safe and secure front driver or passenger position in the vehicle.  Suited for vehicles with a flat floor entry into the front seating positions the 6-way base allows the driver to move forwards, backwards, rotate to 140 degrees as well as moving up and down to match the height of your wheelchair.

The 6-way base has also been crash tested giving you peace of mind while travelling in the vehicle.

Swivel Seat

The swivel base is a transportation device that facilitates people with reduced mobility exiting from vehicles.

The base is entirely made from aluminium with an industrialised die-casting process and is characterised by its lightness and mechanism perfection of both hooking and rotation. It can be installed on both the driver and passenger side.

The particularity of the swivel base is the reduced width of 40 mm and 110-degree rotation. The electrical version enables a 270 mm movement: this moving back motion makes transportation comfortable also for robust and tall people.

Carony 16

The Carony is a system that transforms the car seat into a wheelchair and allows for a vehicle transfer that eliminates any manual handling of the occupant. The Carony base docks into the swivel seat in the vehicle, either of the Turny family or Turnout variants, and the entire seat easily slides from the car onto the wheelchair base.

The Carony 16 is the newest variant in the Carony with more enhanced focus on the wheelchair postural support system.  The Carony 16 has a dedicated seating system compatible with Permobil standard wheelchair supports as well as the Body-point harness system.

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