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Driving Products

Driving Controls

A comprehensive range of driving controls and aids that we can demonstrate, supply and fit to your vehicle. 

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Lifts enables a mobility device, such as a wheelchair, scooter or powerchair, to be easily and simply lifted into a car boot at the touch of a button. 


Our range of ramps are the perfect solution for a cost-effective way to enter and exit your vehicle.

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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

 A luxury passenger car that offers seat space up to five people with or without a wheelchair.

Transfer Options

Transfer seats are specially designed to help a person with a disability transfer from their wheelchair into a vehicle’s driver or passenger seat

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Additional Seating

If additional seating is what you need.  Check out our range of seats available.

Wheelchair Stow

Loads the wheelchair safely and securely onto the roof of the car.

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Community Transport

We modify Vans and buses to meet your needs.  From Seats, ramps, rails, steps and more.

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