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Driving Controls

Wireless Satellite Accelerator
  • Operating time of 35 hours between recharge

  • Easily recharged in the vehicle and ‘on-the-run’

  • Visual & acoustic alarm warning of low battery

  • Backup emergency function

  • This Driving Aid is designed to be worn like a glove, available for left or right hand

  • Changeable brackets and padding to suit all hand sizes

  • Increased safety and reduced shoulder fatigue

  • Acceleration safety cut-out mechanism

  • Easily turned off enabling regular foot operation

  • Compatible with original electronics

Long Arm Brake

The Long Arm Brake and Accelerator combines the two functions in one device. Designed specifically with the needs of the person with quadriplegia in mind – reduced brake effort and controlled/balanced acceleration.



  • Reduced braking effort via improved leverage

  • Electronic brake locking function

  • Balanced acceleration with minimal fatigue

  • Adjustable acceleration angle

  • Acceleration safety cut-out mechanism

  • Easy height and angle adjustment

  • Left- and right-hand versions

  • Knee airbag compatible

  • Tested and certified to Australian and NZ standards

Combined Brake
  • Smooth acceleration with minimal fatigue

  • Acceleration safety cut-out mechanism

  • Brake locking function

  • Changeable end knob for greater customisation

  • Easy height and angle adjustment

  • Left- and right-hand versions

  • Knee airbag compatibility

  • Suitable for all vehicle types

  • Colour options: black, carbon, pink, violet, silver, walnut

  • Tested and certified to Australian and NZ standards

Over Ring

• Elegant quality design
• Available in quick release or fixed models
• Operated with minimal hand fatigue
• Easily turned off enabling conventional operation
• Adjustable acceleration curve with safety cut-out mechanism
• Compatible with original electronics
• Compatible with airbags
• Suitable for fitment in all types of vehicles
• Colours: black, carbon, silver, walnut

Ergonomic Radial & Brake Lever

The Ergonomic Radial Accelerator and Brake Lever is a quality hand control designed for operation with limited dexterity.


The choice of ergonomic palm or lever grip handle coupled with the ability to customise the handle weight and rotation totally personalises the product to the user’s individual strengths, preferences, and capabilities.

Easy Drive
Easy Drive

The Easy Drive is a hand control driving system designed to be fitted on the left-hand side of the driver seat. The Easy Drive comes in three models – Push/Pull, Push/Radial and Floor brake. The levers have the ability to be customised to suit the user’s individual strengths, preferences and capabilities.

The result is a highly performing, intuitive product, and the acceleration is comfortable and easy to manage. 

Freedom Brake Accelerator
Freedom Brake & Accelerator

The Freedom Brake and Accelerator is for drivers with very limited limb function and strength. Braking can be provided with as little as 100 grams of pressure. 


Combining power assisted brake and accelerator functions in the one control unit, pushing forward for brake and backwards for accelerator. 


The Freedom can be custom mounted in any location to suit the driver’s needs and coupled with Mini Wheel Steering or Foot Steering options.

Lodgesons R200 Wireless Keypad Control

The R200 system allows people with restricted mobility to steer the wheel and operate the secondary functions of a car safely with one hand. Simply pressing a button activates the required function e.g. horn, indicators, lights etc.

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